On the Oil Train

A friend of mine has recently gotten into essential oils. I’m not very “all natural” or “granola” but her posts started to intrigue me and I am always striving to be healthy and provide a healthy environment and options for my family. I kept asking lots of questions about usage, cost, if they really work, etc. My biggest goal with looking into and using oils was to find something to help with stress relief and tension that I get in my shoulders/neck.

Earlier this month I finally jumped in and bought a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. My biggest concern prior to buying the kit is that I would spend all this money and then not like the oils or use them.

Young Living2

The Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 essential oils, a diffuser of your choice, and a few other random goodies like sample bottles, NingXia Red, and a roller cap for topical applications. I chose the dewdrop diffuser because it would meet my needs and was the cheapest. Again, I was still concerned about spending money and not really liking the oils.

I got my kit exactly 3 weeks ago. Since I received it I have done a lot with it and used every single oil in it at least once.



Love the aroma of this oil..in small doses. It can be strong.

  • Diffused alone and with Stress Away for a relaxing environment.
  • Made a roller bottle for topical application with Lavender and Stress Away. Great for that calming/relaxation at work or on-the-go.
  • Made a linen spray with Lavender. Great to spray the sheets and pillow with before bed.
  • Detox bath with Epsom salt, coconut oil, and lavender leaves me feeling relaxed and with super soft skin.



Lemon has been my “go to” clean smelling oil.

  • Diffused with Purification for a super clean smelling house.
  • Added to my Thieves tea for flavor and respiratory function support.
  • Added with Thieves to my steam mop to help clean the floor.



This is the “king” of oils with so many uses. So far I’ve used it a couple of time

  • Part of my Tension Tamer body butter for tight shoulders and tired feet.
  • Made a roller for a friend to help with anxieties and fears.



This is a driving oil in that it helps increase the effects of other oils.

  • Used on my face for a youthful glow.
  • Added to my Tension Tamer body butter for tight shoulders and tired feet.



Blended oil that is meant to assist with aches and pains

  • Primary oil in my Tension Tamer body butter for tight shoulders and tired feet. Great after a day chasing kids around or sitting at the computer doing work.
  • Made a roller bottle of this and Peppermint to assist with a throbbing head.



This is a workhorse oil! It seems to be in a zillion recipes and I’ve used it a ton. A little goes a long way.

  • Diffused with Lemon for increased focus.
  • Made a roller bottle of Peppermint and Lemon for a morning wake up and an afternoon pick me up.
  • In my throbbing head roller with PanAway.
  • One drop in Thieves tea helps to breathe easier with a stuffy nose.
  • Also in the Tension Tamer body butter for tight shoulders and tired feet.



This blend of oils is nice because it has so many uses

  • Thieves tea was a lifesaver when I had a sore/scratchy throat. After a couple of cups over 12 hour period scratchy throat was gone!!
  • With its immune support functions and cleaning abilities, I added it to my steam mop to help clean up dog pee. Left the room squeaky clean and a wonder aroma!

Stress Away


My favorite of all the oils in the kit!

  • Diffused with Lavender for relaxation.
  • Diffused with Peppermint for relaxation and focus.
  • Roller bottle with Lavender for those stressful days at work and home.
  • Made several roller bottles for friends to try to assist with anxious feelings.



Tummy discomfort be gone!

  • Have rubbed in on mine and my son’s abdomen to help with feelings of fullness.
  • Rubbed on my other son’s feet to assist with trouble going poo. Worked like a charm!



Clean smelling!!

  • Used topically on a few trouble spots on my face. I may not be a teenager anymore but my face still things so at times!
  • Love diffusing this with lemon! Makes my house smell so clean.



This was the first oil I used when my kit came it.

  • With all the weather changes and germs this time a year I wasn’t feeling so hot. Diffused RC and helped open up my breathing. Think inhaling Eucalyptus!!


Overall I’ve really loved using essential oils and adding them into my life to help with overall wellness. And I’ve used the kit and oils more than I ever thought I would!! Do I think they are a magic cure all? No. Do I think that modern western medicine is a horrible thing and that is killing us all? No. What I do know from my personal experience is that if I can help an ailment with something “lighter” and natural like an essential oil I will do it. If it doesn’t work, well then I’ll go to my medicine cabinet or healthcare provider/pharmacy and get something else. There is room for both!! However, there is no need to kill a fly with a sledgehammer if I don’t have to. 🙂

If you are interested in using essential oils or purchasing a kit from Young Living, please let me know use my link!


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