Christmas Thoughts

On Christmas Eve I thought I would leave you with my a few Christmas thoughts and ramblings……

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the holiday spirit, the music, the decorations, the movies, and just about everything else with Christmas. This year I haven’t had time to post all the fun my family has had with decorating cookies, making goodies, decorating the tree and house, and looking at Christmas lights around town. However, I will post some thoughts and reflections I have had this holiday season.

1. Gift Giving
This is one of my favorite things about Christmas. The cliche’ says its about giving not recieving. That for me is very much so true. The hard part for me is the fact that gifts is my top love language. On one hand it makes the whole gift giving process easier. On the other, it makes it really easy for my feelings to get hurt. I put lots of thought and effort into the gifts I give. It is a true expression of my love and appreciation for a person. So when it doesn’t seem appreciated by them, my feelings tend to get hurt more than the average person.

2. Santa vs. No Santa
Search for kids and Santa and you will find a plethora of thoughts and opinions about whether or not doing “Santa” is good for your kids. We have chosen to do Santa. He isn’t “the deal” of Christmas but for our family he is part of it. I wasn’t warped nor did I have decreased trust in my parents because the lied to me about Santa, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. For us it was and is part of the magic of Christmas and innocence of childhood. Here is a really good post that I enjoyed reading on the topic.

3. Santa and Jesus???
So yes, since we do Santa we have Santa and Jesus in our family and Christmas celebrations. Jesus plays a MUCH larger role and currently my oldest son talks way more about how Christmas is Jesus’ birthday than he does about Santa coming and bringing presents. In fact when we made cookies for his class Christmas party we made cross cookies at his request because

Jesus died on the cross for our sins

For our family Christmas is about the miracle and birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and the love he showed for us by sacrificing himself for us. That’s also part of the reason Santa only does three gifts, as the wise men brought three gifts to Jesus on Christmas. Again….the article Can We Tell the Santa Story Without Undermining Kids’ Faith? article by the Good Men Project sums it up nicely.

4. The Elf
We ended up doing this elf this year. I will discuss more in a later post so be on the lookout, but yes our family has an elf. His name is Max.

5. Christmas Movies
They just don’t make Christmas movies like they used to. I watch Home Alone last night, and man was that a good movie. No it didn’t have awesome special effects or even wonderful acting, but it is funny and has a great message……Family is important and we should all appreciate and love our family and not take them for granted. It also shows the importance of forgiveness.


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