School + Surgery + Sickness = Stress

The past 2 weeks, or maybe it’s been 3 weeks, have been rather NUTS around here. Despite being uninspired about a post topic I have had no time to write…well at least on my blog.

August 20th I embarked on another adventure to get yet another degree. This time my terminal degree……I’m going for my doctorate. So I am writing A LOT….just not on here. Yes, I feel as if I might have totally lost it but the timing is never going to be perfect so why not. No definitive plans about what to do with my doctorate, as in I am not headed after a specific position, but this will most likely be needed in the future for my career.

Less than a week after starting school, when I was still in the, “OMG I’ve lost my mind” stage that I go through after seeing the syllabi for classes, my son had an emergent trip to the ER. What we feared was a surgical emergency ended up not being an emergent but still needed surgical correction…..soon. So exactly one week later he had surgery. It was minor, outpatient surgery, but it was still surgery and this mommy worried about her baby.

If school, an ER visit, semi-unplanned surgery wasn’t enough, as we were pulling into the hospital parking lot for my son’s surgery the vet called. We had dropped the 2 fur babies off to get groomed that morning. Lexi, the older of the two and my first baby, was also scheduled for a dental cleaning. Well, that was a blessing, because we found out she was really sick. At the time the vet called us her platelets were 13,000. Normal is 175,000- 500,000. Because her platelets were so low she was spontaneously bleeding under her skin. Platelets are what makes your blood clot. If you don’t have enough of them you will bleed for no reason. After lots of blood-work, a couple of shots, and list of of possible diagnoses from cancer to immune mediated thrombocytopenia to tick borne illness, we got to bring her home that night. By the end of the week we had a diagnosis of Erichilosis, a tick borne illness, and she was already on treatment so we were hoping that would be enough. Looks like it is since her platelets were up to 99,000 on Monday but this mommy has had enough of all this craziness. I want to get back to normal or figure out what the new normal will be.

Now we are almost 2 weeks out from surgery my little one is doing great. He acted like nothing ever happened and this mom was just afraid he was going to mess up his incision or something cause he is a wild man!!! But he is good, his older brother is good, daddy is good, the fur babies are good, and mommy is much better than I was about a week ago. Now on to write another paper……


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