Stuck. I feel so very stuck. I haven’t blogged in a while because I have no idea what to write about. Overall right now I just feel very stuck and discontented. Things are going well on a personal level. Everyone is happy and healthy, things are going along as usual, however, I feel stuck. Or lost maybe. Like I don’t know where I am going or what I am doing. Kinda like everything is moving around me and I am standing still.

Anyway, all that being said. I am still here, just un-inspired. Hoping to get out of my funk soon. Thoughts, prayers and inspiration appreciated.


I still feel pretty stuck but I typed the above yesterday about 10 am and did not post it. A dear friend posted this on her Facebook status around 2pm yesterday.

Talking to a friend [not me] & God brought this to my mind, thought I’d share: We get stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed because we feel like we are off path. Life & circumstances have taken us off course, we aren’t headed toward our goals anymore. Life threw us a curve ball & we feel like God is nowhere near us. But sometimes, it’s simply that God knows a short cut, a detour. He’s the one holding the map. He’s the leader. But so often we try to pull God’s arm. Tell Him where we want to go. We ask God “why isn’t it turning out like I thought?” “Why am I going thru this?” “Why won’t you show me how to get there (to your goal or desire)”. When in reality, He took you on another path. You may have to go thru quick sand, your feet may get dirty, you may sweat, but the reward my friend, when guided by God, is all worth it. The reward is divinely appointed to you specifically, & perfect.

So there is some encouragement for me, and anyone else who needs it. Hope to be out of my funk soon, but until then this was a great reminder to let God lead me in the direction He has planned for me…not what I have planned/or would like to have planned for myself. 


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