Lotus of Siam

If you like Thai food and you are ever in Las Vegas you must, and I mean MUST go to Lotus of Siam. It is an institution located off strip and the food is amazing!!! If you get there early for lunch you can easily eat without a reservation, but if you are planning to dine for dinner make sure you make a reservation. Also, they do a lunch buffet but it will serve you much better to order off them menu. This time we focused on the Northern side of the menu.

We started with Nam Kao Tod which is crispy rice mixed with sour minced pork sausages, green onions, fresh chilis, ginger, peanuts and lime juice. Sounds weird but it is really good. We ordered it heat level 5 so it had some nice kick with the chilies but lots of other flavors like cilantro and sourness from the sausage.

We also had Nam Prik Noom, which roasted green chili, garlic, onions and tomatoes pounded in a mortar. one of the most popular dips of northern thailand, eaten with *sticky rice, fried pork skins and fresh vegetables.It was very good and surprisingly mild and fresh.


For an entree we shared Khao Soi with short ribs. Braised Short Rib
northern thai egg noodle served in curry sauce, coconut cream and braised short rib, garnished with sliced red onions, lime and pickled vegetables
. This was ordered heat level 5 as well and it was AMAZING.


All of these dishes were amazing just as the dishes were (all different from these) last time I was here. There are still several things I want to try on the menu so I guess I will have to come back to Vegas some time to eat again.

Go Here:
Lotus of Siam
953 East Sahara Avenue Suite A5
Las Vegas, NV 89104


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