Rx Boiler Room

My flight landed in Vegas early enough to have dinner plans so we were supposed to go grab some sushi at a place off the strip that my brother really likes. We got there and bummer…..they are closed this week. So now you have 2 indecisive people sitting in the car in the parking lot of the sushi place trying to decide what to go eat.

I didn’t want a burger. We knew we wouldn’t be able to agree on a pizza. We finally had settled on Firefly for tapas and as we were driving I pulled up Open Table to see what was available around. Started reading off some options and as I say “Rx Boiler Room” he’s like, “oh I’ve been wanting to go there,” so we do. And I am glad we did.

Rx Boiler Room is Rick Moonen’s steampunk themed gastro pub that serves reinvented comfort food like chicken pot pie nuggets and squid-e-oos (a take on Spaghetti O’s made with squid and a squid ink sauce). They also have lots of interesting libations to pair with the food.

I wasn’t in the mood for lots of really heavy food so I opted for 2 of their small plates.

The special of stuffed squash blossoms with a romesco sauce. Spice and cheese filled squash blosoms, panko breaded and tempura fried served with a spicy romesco sauce. I’ve never had squash blossoms so I was really excited to try them and they did not disapoint. Plus the romesco sauce was so good I could have eaten it alone.

And Bacon Wrapped Bacon-n-Egg. Pork belly wrapped in bacon served on brioche toast with a tomato jam topped with a sunny side quail egg and lava salt. This was my absolute favorite thing of the night. They salty, fattiness of the pork belly, crunch of the brioche toast, the amazing tomato jam, and the yummy quail egg. I had never had a quail egg before, but had wanted to try and they were super good and buttery. This was a really good dish.

My brother was intrigued by the chicken pot pie nuggets so he ordered those panko breaded and tempura fried nuggets of chicken, natural jus with peas and carrots. as his starter. They were good as well, and I have no idea how they are able to accomplish the frying of chicken pot pie into perfect balls but they did it somehow.

And followed it up with the Pan Fried Game Hen and Waffles Game hen had a citrus pepper maple glaze and the waffles were a grilled cheese made with waffles. It was really good as well, especially the depth of flavor in the game hen. It started sweet from the maple glaze and then had a very savory finish with pepper and sage.

In addition to the great food, our waiter, Freddy, was really fun, knowledgeable, and offered great suggestions. Overall this was a really good change in plans and a great way to start off my Vegas Vacation

*all photos taken with my phone so pardon the quality

Go Here:
Rx Boiler Room
Mandalay Bay Place
3950 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV


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