Try again for a girl?

This is perhaps the most annoying question to me. I get asked it frequently because I am the mom of 2 boys. The proud mom of 2 boys.

Why did God choose to bless me with 2 boys instead of 2 girls, or a quintessential boy and girl combo? I have no idea. I am guessing it is because I am a “boy mom”. I grew up on a farm. I caught bugs, frogs, lizards, turtles, and snakes. Tween/Teenage girl drama annoys me greatly. This past weekend my boys rolled in the mud. Literally rolled, like pigs, in the mud. My response…..I hosed them off outside, took them inside and gave them a bath. Wadded up their clothes, and threw them in the washer, all but the white socks. Those we are saving for an experiement.

How white can bleach get them after they have been soaked and caked with mud?

I say all this to get to the point that obviously God knew I could be a good mom to boys.

If he had given me a girl, I would have loved her to. In lots of pink, frills, ruffles, and bows. I can only imagine the coordinated outfits with accessories, the dance recitals, ballet shoes, etc. But that wasn’t in God’s plan for me. Instead it was boys. And if someday my husband and I feel like we are to add a child to our family it will be trying for another child. Not another boy. Not a girl. A child, whom we will love dearly if that is in His plans for us (no we are not pregnant or trying or do we have any plans of that).

So all that being said, when you see a mom (or dad) of 2 children that are the same gender don’t ask them “Are you going to try again for a ______?” It is rude and insenstive. It implies that no one could be content with the blessings they have been given unless they have one of each. I realize most people don’t ask the question with that thought behind it, but that is often what is feels like to the person whom you are asking it of. So just don’t ask because as parents we all love our children… matter what gender they are.


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