Under Appreciated Week

The first week in May is what I have come to call under-appreciated week. Why do I call it this? Well, because it is typically the week that we are to appreciated 3 types of under appreciated people…..Teachers, Nurses, and Moms.

This year I did the following little tokens of appreciation for my boys’ teachers.


I also made these cute aprons (thank you Pinterest) for the boys’ grandmothers and one for myself.


As for appreciating nurses, food is always good. Where I work always does lots of events for Nurses’ Week, which is very appreciated by the staff.

However, I want to encourage all of my readers to thank these thankless people more often than on said appreciation day/week. These people make a difference in our loves and many people’s lives everyday, most often with out a “thank you”. These people also take lots of abuse. These jobs are labors of love and though no one I know in these roles does it for the $ or the thank yous but they arealways appreciated. So go thank your mom, a teacher, or a nurse today!


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