The Finger of God

Remember the movie Twister(1996)? Life the past couple of weeks has felt a little like watching the movie in slow motion but instead of actors its real people you know. Needless to say it has been a little surreal.

A week ago they came out with the final rating of the tornado, a “high end EF4”, which means it had wind speeds of 166-200mph. Anytime I hear ratings of tornados I think back to the movie twister and the explanation of the rating scale.

An EF5 is the “finger of God.” The twister that we had recently was “almost” an EF5. Though it may not have technically fallen into this category my mind cannot fathom what the damage would actually look like after an EF5. I have driven through damage to and from work each day. The first day it brought me to tears and it continues to make me physically nauseous. But through this God’s finger, hands, feet, and heart has been seen. There have been examples of people loving on one another and caring for one another.

People have prayed for each other and improvised in ways that continue to amaze me. This particular video was filmed right after the tornado hit Mayflower and shows the quick thinking that saved many lives.

People have relied on God and been a witness to those around them. One particular vitcim, April, has witnessed to millions all around the world with her story.

People have survived secondary to the kindness of neighbors. (see article here)

People have showed up to help clean up, pick up, and just do whatever they can for people they don’t even know. And people have donated money, goods, services, and time in ways I have never seen before.

Though I still can’t wrapped my mind and form words to describe what I have seen and felt the past two weeks, I pray I never forget that on April 27, 2014 and the days following how we saw God’s power and love in Arkansas.

Photos of the Damage*

Mayflower along I-40 on Monday April 28, 2014



*These photos were taken on my way to work Monday morning and while assisting with cleanup over the weekend.


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