BB Cream

I am late to the BB cream craze. Actually, until I organized all of my samples from my last 7 months of Birchboxes I didn’t even know much about BB cream besides the fact that it seemed to be the buzz. Now I have tried it and I understand why. I have gotten away from liquid foundations because I hate how heavy and greasy they feel. I figured a BB cream would either be the same or not provide the level of coverage I like since my complexion is not the best (lots of uneven skin tones, redness, large pores, occasional acne). I have seen the light.

Thus far I have tried the following BB Creams:

Pur Minerals CC cream**–yes this is a CC cream (I’m not totally sure what the difference is but it seems like they are pretty much the same thing. )
Pros: feels nice; lightweight
Cons: not the coverage I like; face got “shiny” by end of day despite using powder.
Verdict: Great for weekends around town, the gym, etc. Not for my everyday use.


Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm**– I wore this one to work all day yesterday to try it out. First time I’ve tried a BB cream at work.
Pros: lightweight
Cons: not quite the coverage I wanted but better than the before mentioned product; face got “shiny” by end of day
Verdict: Great for weekends, the gym etc. Probably wouldn’t wear everyday but like it better that the before mentioned product. Will try another day before I write it off all together.

Boscia BB Cream*–I had enough in my sample to get multiple wears out of this product and overall it was my favorite. It even held up to working outside for hours in the sun.
Pros: lightweight; face didn’t get shiny; good amount of coverage; easy to apply; long lasting
Cons: can’t think of one
Verdict: This one was definitely my favorite. I couldn’t believe it held up all day (7am to 9pm) through t-ball, playing with kids, cooking dinner, cleaning up after the tornado, cleaning house, etc. It took a beating and still looked great.

So will I switch from my powder Bare Minerals foundation to a BB cream, I haven’t 100% decided yet. I may decide to stick with it and just use a BB cream on weekends etc. That being said, I have to make a decision by the end of the week though because I am almost out of my routine makeup and will need to purchase something soon. I am up for suggestions/recommendations if anyone has any. Please comment below!!

* received as a sample from Sephora
**received as a sample from Birchbox


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