Urban Butcher

Urban Butcher is a meat eaters paradise. I consider myself quite the omnivore but really enjoy becoming a carnivore and having a nice steak or cut of meat every once and awile.
First finding Urban Butcher is a feat in and of itself. It doesn’t have much signage or really look like the front of a restaurant but looking at pictures on Yelp helped me find it. When you walk in you pass the meat counter….yes, I said meat counter just like you would find at a butcher. They also have a meat curing room where you can see meat hanging and aging. It was a pretty cool atomosphere.

They serve food here family style and it comes to your table as soon as it is prepared so everything doesn’t come out together. The servers are good about explaining this and it makes the dining process pretty cool. I actually went here with a peer that I had met at a meeting earlier in the day. Sharing food is a fairly intimate affair and having the opportunity to enjoy a family style dinner of sharing food with someone I had just met was a first for me. Though I am typically an extrovert I don’t make friends quickly. This was a great “out of the box” experience for me that I really enjoyed.

We ordered the thick cut pastrami, 48 hour ox brisket, and penne bolognese ragu for our entrees and shared them family style.



We also decided to share dessert so I ordered the chocolate soufflé with goat cheese gelato and she ordered the maple bacon gelato and we shared both. Both were delicious but the soufflé was the best.


Overall this was a great experience with great food. If you are ever in the DC/Sliver Spring area go here:

Urban Butcher
8226 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD


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