Desi Den

I had my first Indian food experience over the weekend!! Until Saturday I had never had Indian food but have been wanting to try it for quite awhile. Was scared to go on my own as I had NO IDEA what to order. Went with my cousin and her husband so I had a little guidance, and OMG what I got was so good!!! I have no previous experience to compare this restaurant to other Indian places, however, judging by the cliental I think it was pretty good/authentic food.

Initially they brought us out this fried tortilla like bread/chips with 3 different chutneys. I have no idea what the bread is is called so I won’t pretend to name it but it was really good and I enjoyed the chutneys as well. There was a tomato based one that was pretty spicy, a sweet one made with apricots that had a bit of heat at the end, and a green one that had mint in it. All were very good.



For dinner I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala that had tandoori chicken in a tangy red sauce served with basmati rice. It was sooooooo good. The food was so flavorful, not too spicy, lots of depth of flavor. Very good.



My hubby ordered Chicken Tikka that was marinated white meat chicken cooked in a tandoori oven. It was very good as well. Considering he is not an adventurous eater and he liked the food I was impressed.


I got to try my cousin’s entree as well. She ordered Paneer Saag that was a curry of cooked mustard greens and spinach with pieces of Paneer in it which I learned is a type of Indian cheese. It was really good as well. And they ordered Chicken Biryani which is kind of like the Indian version of friend rice. It was amazing as well.



We ordered Naan and Chicken Naan to feed the kids. My picky son informed me he like Indian bread and Indian pizza (the Chicken Naan) and Indian Rice (basmati). It was pretty amusing. For dessert I tried the rice pudding. I could have eaten a huge bowl of this sweet treat.


Needless to say my first Indian food experience went quite well. I can’t wait to eat the cuisine again and try more things!!

Go Here:
Desi Den
612 Office Park Dr
Bryant, AR


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