South on Main

This is a very delayed review on a restaurant my hubby and I went to before my work Christmas party. Since I was in the middle of the 12 Days of Christmas Tradition series I held off writing this post. Anyway, we went to eat at South on Main prior to going to my work Christmas party. I had been here for lunch and the food was really good so we thought we would go for dinner.

The decor is really eclectic. Our table was a small table and our seats were old high back arm chairs, which were quite comfy. The also have a stage for live music performances. No one was performing while we were there. Our water was served in mason jars and the silverware was rolled in sackcloth type linens. Very southern. br />

For our starter we ordered the Trotters which were served with corn grits and brussels sprouts. I typically don’t like grits or brussels sprouts but they were both divine along with the trotter I ate. The grits were very course ground but creamy and the brussels sprouts were not bitter at all.


Duck and rabbit were the choices for entrees. I loved my duck breast with creamed black eyed peas, bacon, and braised kale.

20131230-104944.jpg My hubby’s Rabbit Boudin with greens and cornbread was really good too.


The best part of the meal was dessert. They do a jar, doughnut, and cookie each day. I ordered the jar which was a white chocolate creme brûlée with homemade chocolate mint ice cream topped with candied pecans. It was heavenly!! I love creme brûlée and chocolate and mint so it was all my favorites all rolled into one.


The cookie my hubby ordered was fabulous too. It was a shortbread cookie that was oh so buttery topped with a snickerdoodle ice cream. I could have eaten all of his too but he would only give me one bite.


Overall the food was great, refined southern food. The atmosphere and service was wonderful. Prices were reasonable. I say we will be back and since they have an every changing menu I am sure there will be something new great to try.

Go Here:
South on Main
1304 South Main St
Little Rock, AR


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