12 Days of Christmas Tradition: Day 11 – Parties

Getting together for a Christmas party with friends, family, or co-workers is another perk for the holiday season. Granted this tradition typically adds to the waistline but otherwise it is one of my favorites.

Because I enjoy Christmas parties so much this year I threw a small Christmas party for the boys. We invited some friends over to our house, wore PJs, had a few breakfast snacks, made crafts, and told the Christmas story. I think all of the kids really enjoyed it. I know I did and plan to continue throwing a Christmas party for my boys in the future.

Muffins in holiday wrappers
Snowman powdered donuts
Orange juice
Hot chocolate
Coffee for the adults


Snowman ornaments
Reindeer food
Decorate Christmas cookies
Picture frames
Christmas trees

For the picture frames and Christmas trees I bought foam craft stuff from the local hobby store. The kids were able to put foam Christmas stickers on their frames and glue fuzzy balls to their trees for ornaments. The cookies were just simple sugar cookies baked on sticks in the shape of a circle. The kids then spread icing (white, red, or green) on them and used all kinds of sprinkles and m&ms on them to decorate.


This was the easiest since the house was already decorated. I just used red and green plastic tablecloths to cover the tables, bought holiday paper goods, and used some felt backed vinyl tablecloths from the dollar store to cover the seats of our dining room chairs.

20131222-181049.jpg Overall it turned out really cute.



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