12 Days of Christmas Tradition: Day 10 – Lights

I love Christmas lights!! There is just something so festive about lights outside, twinkling to help celebrate the season. I can still remember one of the things I was most excited about when my husband and I bought our first house was the fact that I could put Christmas lights on the house. I am guessing this all stemmed from the fact that I always have loved Christmas lights but we never put them on our house growing up because no one could see them from where we lived.

So as much as I love Christmas lights, my husband detests them. Well really not all Christmas lights, just the ones he puts up on our house. He really, really dislikes putting up Christmas lights, but he loves me enough that he does it anyway. I am so lucky I have such a great husband. This year because of an ice storm we only go to put lights on the ground/landscaping around the house. Something about ice and ladders and being on a roof seemed a little unsafe. LOL! Anyway, since I love Christmas lights so much and my boys love looking a Christmas lights, one night during the Christmas season we surprise them by going to look at Christmas lights. The reason this is a surprise is we wait until they are dressed and ready for bed and then instead of getting in bed we all load up in the car with hot chocolate and popcorn for a Christmas light outing.

In the town we live in there are several displays that are a must see. This year our town got a HUGE Christmas tree that is put up downtown so we have driven by to see it several times. In 3 different neighborhoods are houses that have their lights programed to music. One of those houses has actually expanded to the majority of the cul de sac joining in the fun.


And of course you always have to go see the Griswolds of our hometown too.

We absolutely love this tradition we do with our boys and as a family. If you and yours enjoy looking at Christmas lights I highly recommend making it an official surprise outing. It just makes it that much more fun.


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