12 Days of Christmas Tradition: Day 9 – Christmas Goodies

One of the Christmas traditions that I absolutely love is baking goodies for people. I enjoy putting love into something that someone else can enjoy. And during the holiday season it is no exception. Every year I make and bake a variety of goodies for people. I typically distribute the goodies to the boys’ teachers, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. And every year I say that next year I will do less but I just don’t. I enjoy it too much.


This year I made the following:
1. M&M Cookies
2. Peanut Butter Fudge
3. White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
5. Holiday Popcorn
6. Hot Chocolate Spoons
7. Peppermint Bark

I package the goodies up into holiday cellophane bags, tins, or treat boxes I buy at the local craft store. Then I deliver the Christmas goodies! That is always the best part. I know when I delivered the goodies this year people seemed excited so I hope they could taste the love in the goodies. You can find the recipes to the goodies I made either linked above or directions are listed below. Enjoy making your own goodies for you, your family, or to share.

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Good Quality Melting Chocolate (I use Ghirardelli)
Plastic spoons
Small marshmallows


Melt Chocolate according to directions on package. Dip/scoop chocolate with the spoons. Lay on parchment paper or silpat. Place 2 marshmallows on each spoon and let it dry.

When ready to serve just stir spoon in 6-8oz of warm milk.

White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Good Quality Melting White Chocolate (I use Ghirardelli)
Colored melting chocolate for decoration


Melt white chocolate according to directions on package. Dip pretzels in chocolate and lay on silicone mat or parchment paper to dry. Once dry melt the colored melting chocolate according to directions on package. Drizzle pretzels with colored chocolate and let dry.


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