12 Days of Christmas Tradition: Day 8 – Act of Kindness/Giving

One of the other things I love about the holiday season is the generosity people tend to show. Granted, when you are out Christmas shopping it seems to go from one extreme to the other, but for the most part people are cheerful, kind, generous and want to do something to help their fellow man.

Since our boys are getting older, my husband and I felt like it was very important to get them involved in some type of giving to others this Christmas season. An opportunity provided it self for us to buy a toy for a little boy around the same age as my oldest son. Though this little boy had a specific request and I had already found what I was going to get, it was very important to me to take my son along to assist with buying the toy. And oh it was so much fun. We found what we had come for, a workbench, and then my son said, “oh mama, look at that helicopter. I think he would like one of those. They are cool.” So guess what, we bought a helicopter too. And then, as we are leaving the toy section my son, in a super sweet voice asks, “mama, can’t we buy him just one more toy?” I am sure you can guess what we did. We bought one more toy. This time it was a Jake and the Neverland Pirates paint book.

It was so much fun to watch my son get excited about picking out toys for a little boy he didn’t even know. And to then put money in the Salvation Army kettle when we were leaving the store. I know we will try to encourage this generosity and giving spirit in our children throughout the year, but the holiday season was a good time to start.

Today I encourage you to give a little something to someone. Preferably someone you don’t know. Pay for the person’s order behind you in the drive thru line, put a little extra into a bell ringers kettle, buy a few extra canned goods at the store and donate them to a food bank. Just do something to give back this holiday season.


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