12 Days of Christmas Tradition: Day 7 – Advent Calendar

Since Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are riddled with the excitement and magic of Santa Claus and his 8 reindeer along with the birth of Jesus Christ, in our house the countdown to the big day becomes as much a part of Christmas as the actual day.

There are lots of different ways to countdown to Christmas. Just look on Pinterest and you will find lots and lots of different advent calendars. There are those focused on acts of kindness and giving back and also some focused on activities that you do with your family. There are others that promote the giving of gifts each day leading up to Christmas and some that involve lots of candy. You can also find some simple ones that are a paper chain or utilize the movement of an object from number to number to count down to Christmas. This is actually the kind of advent calendar we use.

The “mouse” that we have at our house was actually mine and my brother’s when we were younger. I guess I got to get “the mouse” cause either I liked it more or because I had kids first. I’m guessing its cause I had kids first. 🙂 This is actually the first year my oldest son has really gotten into moving the mouse. Everyday he moves the mouse to the next number (the mouse’s new home) and we see how much closer we are to the end of the calendar and Christmas Day. As an added bonus it has also been good numbers recognition practice for him too.

So today I encourage you to figure out a way to countdown to Christmas at your house. It can be simple or elaborate, just make sure it is fun and makes a memory for you and yours.


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