12 Days of Christmas Tradition: Day 4 – Decorations

Decorating my house for Christmas typically signifies the start of the holiday season. This year, secondary to schedules, we ended up putting one of the trees up and decorating the mantle a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. A little early, but oh well. I love the decorations so it has just meant that much longer for me to enjoy them.

At our house we put up 2 Christmas trees, well actually 3 but I will get to that. I put up a big “fancy” Christmas tree in our living room. This year I totally changed my decor from crimson and gold to Christmas red and while with accents of silver. After doing crimson and gold for 6 or 7 years I was ready for a change. So our 9 foot Christmas tree in the living room has red and white deco mesh, of differing widths, snoflakes, silver rope garland, and these ball pick things in red, silver, and white. I have been really happy with how it turned out.

We also got new stockings this year. We haven’t had matching stockings since we had the boys so I ordered some new red and white stockings off of Etsy to match the new decor/color scheme. I added them to my “Peace” stocking holders, pre-lit garland, and more decor mesh–this time white and red/silver striped. To finish it off I added some glitter trees in red and white of differing sizes along with a white glitter reindeer.

The other Christmas tree goes in our dining room. It is the tree with all of sentimental ornaments. It has my Mary’s Angels Hallmark ornaments, the boys’ First Christmas ornaments, an ornament my sister-in-law made, ornaments from places we have gone on vacation to, and handmade ornaments. It is the more special tree of the two. It is also the one that the boys help me decorate every year.


The third tree that I mentioned earlier is in my oldest son’s room. He has his own Christmas tree that we got him last year. It is this little 2 ft tree and he got to pick out all of the ornaments on it. It is really cute and he absolutely adores it. In a few years if his baby brother wants one too I guess we will end up with 4 Christmas tress…..much to my husband’s despair (he is the scrooge/grinch of the family).

Oh and by the way….we also have lights on the house. But that is a different post. 🙂


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