12 Days of Christmas Tradition: Day 2 – Food

If you have read any blog post before now you know I like food. Probably even more than like it. I love food. The Christmas season is riddled with lots and lots of food, from tradition dinners, to cocktails, to hor’ de vors, to sweet baked treats. Lots and lots of food.

My extended family get together on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas. We eat together, laugh together, and play Dirty Santa with gifts we have brought. We have done this since I can remember, and it is one of the traditions I look forward to most. Historically when my grandparents were alive we had a very traditional menu. Since they passed away years ago we have altered the tradition some in that we now get together for lunch instead of dinner, and we don’t stick as close to the menu.

Yes, I did say we have/had a menu. In the back of this really old cookbook of my grandmother’s on one of the “Additional Recipes” pages is a menu of what we would have for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.

Tucked inside the cookbook is also her basic grocery list for the holidays.

Since the cookbook is really old (published in 1936) and the binding is coming apart I do not get it out much. When I pulled it out of the cabinet to open it up and take pictures a flood of memories came back. Best of all the cookbook and paper smelled like their house. So this year, (and every year) when I eat the dressing I think of my Pe-paw cause he always made the dressing. I hated it when I was younger but now I look forward to it every year. And as I eat coconut cake (which I really don’t even like) or rolls or green bean casserole I think of my Grandmother since those were always her favorites. Lots of treasured memories with family, and specifically my grandparents, that I associate with food.

So this Christmas season make yourself a big plate of goodies, savor the taste, and see what memories you have or are made around the dinner table.


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