Tamp & Tap

Last Friday I made a quick day trip to Memphis with some colleagues and after we finished our business we went to Tamp & Tap downtown for a quick bite before heading home.

I got “The Stanley”. It was oh so yummy! The Brioche bread was toasted nicely, the smoked turkey was very fresh, and the pickled onions gave a nice bite.


I got a side of hummus and chips. Wish it had come with a few more chips but it was really good too. The texture was good as well. Oftentimes homemade hummus has an almost gritty texture, but theirs was nice and creamy.


I had some Basil Lemonade with my meal.


Also got a cup of specialty joe for the drive home. It was good as well. I loved their rustic, dark brown mugs but unfortunately I did not take picture. 😦

I would definitely come back. Atmosphere was laid back, and had the vibe of being a relaxed place to hang out. Loved the wood decor with orange accents. Hope to be able to come back soon.

Tamp & Tap
122 Gayoso Ave.
Memphis, TN


One thought on “Tamp & Tap

  1. I love Tamp & Tap! My best friends mom lived in one of the apartments in that building which is how I discovered them. Their frozen custard is awesome and I love their tables and coffee percolater!

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