Picking Pumpkins

I just love tradition, especially traditions associated with holidays. I’m not sure if it is because change is hard for me or if it is because traditions bring back such happy memories of times gone by. Either way, I really love traditions.

In our family it has become a tradition that we go to the pumpkin patch every fall to pick out a pumpkin. Luckily there is a really good pumpkin patch not too far from our home that has hayrides out to the patch, farm animals to see, room for the kids to play, and lots of photo opportunities.

Last weekend we went. The weather was beautiful, we saw family and friends out at the patch, and the boys had a good time. I even got a couple of good pics. 🙂

20131022-094359.jpgJumping off haybales is lots of fun!!
Oooooo this pumpkin tastes good.
20131022-094431.jpg Sweet brothers

Traditions are so much fun and really if we all stop to think I am sure everyone has one memory that is associated with a tradition your family had. So go out and start a tradition of you own. Build memories and experiences that you can look back on and remember years from now. You will be glad you did.


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