Sitter vs. Server

Are you a sitter or a server? It’s more than just action–It truly is a a matter of the heart instead of the hands and feet. I have been guilty of being a sitter lately. I’ve had lots of excuses why…I’m busy, I have 2 boys and a family that needs me, I work full-time, my cup is empty and there is nothing to fill it up, etc. etc. The excuses go on forever but the real root of the problem is that I was focused on me instead of God and my relationship with Him. And oh how He has let me know over the past several weeks.

The pastor at our church has been doing a message series called “that ONE rule” that centers around loving God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Some pieces that The Lord has really used to speak to me include these four signs that I am seeking God’s kingdom first.

Matthew 6:19-34

1. I treasure the “thing” He treasures!
– when we do not treasure what He treasures it makes us feel empty.

2. I am generous!
– I can generate nothing on my own (i.e. time, $$, etc.)
– greed clouds our vision for what God wants for us

3. I serve Him alone.

4. I am not consumed by worry.
– affects my ability to sleep/rest/frame of mind
– Comes down to a matter of trust. Do I trust God to meet all of my needs?

It always amazes me how God speaks to you with EXACTLY what you need to hear at EXACTLY when you need to hear it. One of my current (always) stressors is worrying about things and the amount of time (or lack there of) I have to get them accomplished. This frequently becomes my excuse of why I don’t serve more and have grown to have quite the “sitter” heart. Between the sermon series and my bible study titled Frazzled Female by Cyndi Wood I have learned and taken to heart several things.

First and foremost my focus must always be on God and His will for my life….and to-do list. Second, when my focus is on Him several things change. My heart becomes more of a servant heart so those tasks are done out of love instead of duty. This also impacts my attitude in a positive way and helps me deal with less than positive people and situations in life. Is everything sunshine and roses? Heck no!!!! Am I perfect at this??? Ummm….don’t make me laugh! My heart is in a better place now than it has been in a long time and as much as I would love to say it will stay a servant heart forever, I am human and imperfect so this will only be able to be accomplished with my Savior’s amazing grace and love for me.

Overall I just encourage you to examine your heart. Are you a sitter or a server? Pray and ask God to reveal how He sees your heart to you. Just ask……He will let you know. And if you ask, He will help you to have a servants heart too.


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