Big Orange Midtown

Last night we FINALLY went to Big Orange prior to heading to a concert. Normally burgers, shakes, and fries aren’t my choice for dining out; however, this is my husband’s (and the couple we were with) idea of a great restaurant.

We had the Kennebec Chip Bucket to start.

20131019-173533.jpgThe chips were really good and crunchy. Obviously made in house and had a smoky chili pepper seasoning. Came served with a Chipotle- Red Pepper Mayo that I enjoyed but my husband wasn’t too fond of. For an entrée I had the White Truffle & Pecorino burger and shared Sweet Potato Fries with my hubby. The burger was an all beef patty with pecorino cheese, arugula, fig jam, white truffle and mayo. The burger itself was a little overdone for my taste. The menu stated that all burgers were to be cooked “medium” unless ordered otherwise however mine came out more “well done”. The sweetness of the fig jam was a nice complement to the richness of the truffle and saltiness of the pecorino. My only criticism, other than the burger being overdone, was how greasy the burger was.

20131019-174414.jpgThe Sweet Potato waffle fries were amazing and I could have eaten a whole plate!!



Overall the food was pretty good and I am sure we will go back again…..this time saving room for a shake.


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