Here we go again…..

So here I go again…..starting another blog. I enjoy blogging. I find it very therapeutic. However, it always seems to be the first thing to “fall off” the to-do list. I get busy, I forget, then I get behind. Then I think “no one reads this thing anyway” and I just quit. So this time I am hoping it is going to be different. We will see.

Fighting Frazzled you may ask. Well I feel like I am the epitome of a frazzled female. I’m married, have 2 beautiful boys, work full-time, and have a load of other responsibilities. Of late I have been struggling to keep it all together. I have felt frazzled more often than not. So what helps me fight the frazzle????

Faith–My faith in and relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is of the upmost importance to me. He must be my center and my focus for all other things to fall into place. This is key to fight the frazzle for me.

Family–I have a precious family that I love dearly. Not just my husband and kids, but I have a wonderful extended family, church family, and even work family. These people are the most important people in my life and though at times they often contribute to the frazzle they are key in fighting it as well.

Food–I am a self proclaimed foodie. I love food. Not just to eat it but to read about it, cook it, experience it, etc. I really love food. I say I have missed my true calling to be in this industry. If I could do anything “when I grow up” I would want to be a food writer/critic. Gail Simmons is my hero. The problem with this is I have no culinary training. I just know what tastes good to me, and not necessarily why it tastes good. Also, I don’t consider my self a good writer. Hoping this little blog will help me fulfill this desire of mine, but obviously on a much smaller scale.

Fun–This one is hard for me. Don’t get me wrong; I like to have fun. But if you asked my friends about me I am not sure “fun” would be a word they would use to describe me. I was recently told I need to be more Pollyanna about things. On this I am working but also working on seizing the moment and having fun!

Now you know about my blog and why it is coming to be. I hope that you will join me often as I talk here about the 4 Fs that help me fight the frazzle.


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